We have worked for identifying talent in Rural and Urban areas and we will be working more to give more stars in shooting sport in coming years. Before going further, we would also like to share about the reason behind the birth of this Club. In these many years, we realized that talent is hugely available in rural areas. Talented players are like diamonds in dust. Several boys are girls with a great level of talent were not aware of their capabilities and scope in sports. This club and talented trainers helped them in reaching their dreamed lives. We are committed to give stars of next generation to Indian sports. Our club exists to support and to promote talented players.

This sport requires an immense amount of concentration and dedication through which any individual can achieve a respectable level which our club will support. In case any individual gets selected for any level of competitions the shooting club will undoubtedly leave their weapons. Attending these shooting classes is itself a great experience and opens various opportunities.

With the club’s excellent facilities including disabled access, plenty of parking, and a well-appointed assistant for every individual, Olympia Shooting does its utmost to cater to all levels of shooter despite age and gender. The aura in the club is one of the best in the surroundings providing the safest environment to each individual.

CP Rao
Works at ISSF - International Shooting Sport Federation